Arma 2 operation arrowhead patch 1.63 downloaden

arma 2 operation arrowhead patch 1.63 downloaden

for PC from Bohemia Interactive. 85588 Fixed: magazinesTurret -1 sometimes returning wrong list or even crashing. 87692 Fixed: Manual guidance not working for a helicopter gunner 87659 Fixed: AI was unable to engage invisible laser targets used for SSM 87658 Fixed: Command doTarget on friendly unit did not work 87655 Fixed: Text parameter file parsing not reliable 87654 Improved: A behaviour. 87824 Changed: Removed support for config parameter nightVision 87768 Fixed: AI vehicles crews seeing targets badly 87755 Fixed: Player automatically reveals targets which AI would never see 87746 Fixed: Looking around no longer possible when combat mode changes in vehicle 87745 New: Cheat ShiftMinusFPS. 97105 New: Added scripting functions profileNamespace and saveProfileNamespace. 88947 New: Full joystick axis can be mapped by mapping both positive and negative part of the same axis (map negative first to use the axis inverted) 88918 Improved: AI scanning for the target more when a visual contact is lost. Changelog: 124879 Fixed: Steam command line parameters parsing 124879 Improved: BattlEye implementation (Steam Launch options updated) 124879 Changed: PlayerID is now SteamID 124879 Changed: GameSpy lobby removed 124802 Fixed: weaponholder NOT disappear when empty 124802 Fixed: DeleteVehicle doesn't delete any Objects 124779 Improved: BattlEye update. 97917 New: Scripting function "onEachFrame code" defines a code called each frame. 89201 New: smaa antialiasing introduced, use ppaa3, ppaalevel0.3. 92679 Fixed: A Javelin missile often did not lock a target when playing with a Veteran or harder difficulty 92612 Fixed: SelectPlayer in MP can break the Direct Chat or cause other MP issues. Mod lists) 86128 Fixed: Soldier running instead of crawling through holes 86122 Fixed: AI without weapon stuck when crouched 86114 Prevent crouched AI from sprinting 86060 New: A command line argument -parfilename can be specified to provide a parameter file 86059 New: Window title includes.

63 (Build 103718) (Beta), aRMA
II : Operation, arrowhead, downloads
Arma 2 : Operation, arrowhead
63, patch, download, arma 2
ArmA, iI : Operation Arrowhead game patch

By, bohemia Interactive, copyright (c) 2009 Bohemia Interactive. These trademark owners, and the manufacturers of the weapons, vehicles and other equipment used in the game, are not affiliated with the producer of arma 2 and do not endorse or sponsor the game. Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead ". Xml stuff limited to 252 New: squad. 92582 Fixed: AI detection after load 92463 Fixed: AToC fifa 17 3dm crack gratis downloaden ATi 77xx 92071 Changed: Observer RPT messages now once per 60 sec, 92061 Fixed: AtoC on nVidia for csaa 92059 ppaa pars tweak smaa use color edge detection method 91173 New: Registry driven mod can contain. 87740 Improved: Targeting and firing always commanded by observer. To reveal target side use.5 (default reveal used accuracy1).

arma 2 operation arrowhead patch 1.63 downloaden

The.18 patch for Arma II : Operation Arrowhead. Note that this patch is a beta. Arma 2 : Operation Arrowhead.63 beta Patch Download with Arma 2 : Operation Arrowhead.63 Beta patch notes.

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