Crusader kings 2 patch 2.8.1 downloaden

crusader kings 2 patch 2.8.1 downloaden

by one when adding the new holding Fixed incorrect holder of d_baghdad in 1289 Bugfixes Fixed the Shatter Realm CB not destroying landless kingdoms and empires. Title usurpation is now properly restricted by the creation trigger for the title. We didn't actually make the AI any smarter in this regard; we just removed the tier restriction on attaching Told the AI that the war goal should always be considered within its area of operations, stopping it complaining that that it is a bit too. AI Improvements, told the AI that provinces with more holdings, slots, and buildings are better, and it should try to keep those for itself when handing out titles. Left-click still selects as well The call tribal vassals/allies buttons now does not require ctrl to be held to call allies if you're not someone who could uses tribal vassal allies. Useful for death reasons like "Went to China" that aren't really outright dying copy_random_personality_trait now shows the icon of the trait being copied Fixed regional_percentage not working, and having a wonky tooltip Fixed blank headgear portrait layers in rare cases leading to people being bald.

Patch.8.2 Patch.8.2 was released on 3 with the checksum wvuu. So many name links. To override this, edit the settings file and set "override_resolution_safety" to "yes" The game now warns you when you disband ships with troops on them Disbanding ships no longer tells you that all ships will return home, and then that *actually* not *all* ships,. Fixed Option B of MNM.1841 reducing Opinion rather than increasing. Crusader Kings II: Saxon Unit Pack. No longer possible to succesfully murder someone with a plot when they are at a pilgrimage Fixed modifier in random list for RIP.10030. Crusader Kings II: Songs of Yuletide. Example: immortal_age 40 Added "practical_age" trigger. Fixed a faulty tooltip in an old event where you ask a friend to help you refine your skills in swordsmanship. Crusader Kings II: Songs of India.

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